Blue Moon Yoga & Fitness a phenomenon in the fitness world…

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The instructors at Blue Moon are all certified in their various traditions, and together share in the goal to help each participant feel comfortable and welcome at our studio. We believe in the importance of honoring yourself on your mat, respecting those around you, and accepting each other whole heartedly. Each teacher on our staff has a unique approach and a personal expression to their teaching techniques that gives you a diverse learning experience to incorporate into your personal practice.
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Robin Neill-Kitaif

Robin came to yoga in 2006 at the ripe old age of 44, looking for a way to lose 30 pounds. What she found was exercise that not only changed her body but awakened her mind. Slowly the pounds began to melt away and yoga became a staple in her life. In 2008, a friend that was also a yoga teacher urged her to consider teaching. She began to explore that possibility by attending Baron Baptiste trainings and boot camps. It was with the Baptiste style that she found a home. The unique way that the Baron Baptiste style challenges mind, body and spirit, inviting each student to transform not only their bodies but their lives touched her soul. Robin has completed her Level I, II and III trainings with Baron, as wells as several other Baptiste trainings. Robin received her RYT -200 Yoga Alliance Teacher Certification from Mbody Yoga in Jacksonville, a Baptiste affiliate studio. When not practicing yoga, Robin is a wife and also a mother to her wonderful daughter, Mariel. Robin has a B.A. in theater from The University of South Florida. In her spare time she enjoys singing, acting and spending time with her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Chubsie.
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Mary Anne Howell

Mary Anne has been teaching fitness in Ormond Beach since 1980. Having practiced and taught yoga off and on for many years, a back injury in 2005 motivated Mary Anne to focus exclusively on yoga to help heal her back. After experiencing great results, she decided to teach yoga and share what she had learned with others. She is YogaFit certified Level 1, holds a certification in YogaFit Senior Yoga, is certified as a personal trainer, and has attended numerous back care workshops. Mary Anne is also a certified Kripalu yoga instructor having earned her RYT-200 at Discovery Yoga in St. Augustine. Her passion is teaching beginners and those that need to modify poses in order to honor their body. She has a wonderful husband that she married in 1972, and a wonderful daughter. She works full-time as a informational technologies specialist. Her full-time job prevents her from teaching as many classes as she would like, but with retirement around the corner, and God willing, she will be free to teach more.
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Connor Wisniewski

Connor, with a passion for yoga,  completed his RYT-200 in Core Power Yoga with Karen Cutrona in March 2013. With his busy life as a full-time student, full- time musician, as well as holding a part-time job, he needed something to help calm his mind from the constant stress he was under. Connor discovered yoga about two years ago and became inspired to learn all he could about the practice. Connor feels that discovering yoga was a match made in heaven for him. He not only found the relaxation he desired, but also a way to stay fit and form a stronger connection with himself physically and spiritually. It wasn't long before Connor was called to the other side of his mat as an instructor. He comes to our instructional staff excited to be a part of the Blue Moon family, and ready to bring the joy of yoga to the community. 
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Barbara Saunders

Barbara Crispino Saunders has been practicing yoga since 2007 and earned her RYT-200 certification through Yoga Alliance. She feels like she came to YOGA after over 30 years of preparation.

Having studied many dance forms and performing with ballet and modern companies, yoga felt not only familiar, but has been remarkably important as both a catalyst for personal change and a support during transition. Much of the dance choreography, which she performed, pulled from the ancient study of Yoga. Many Modern Dance masters studied the form to strengthen and enhance balance, improve extension and explore proper alignment. But, the so often referred to ”mind-body” facet of yoga is what set it apart from dance. To be able to absorb oneself in the movement of the yoga postures with the expressed purpose to quiet the mind in order to open the heart is where yoga begins and dance stops for Barbara.

Barbara works as a Curator with the Ormond Memorial Art Museum & Gardens, conceiving of, creating, and installing exhibitions, as well as serving as an adult and children’s educator in various fine art media.

Barbara received her BS in Education from St. Bonventure University in NY, and studied Media towards her MA at Ithaca College in New York. She is a multiple recipient of New York State Council on the Arts funding for developing performing and fine arts projects in the NY public school system. She has instructed in Ballet, Modern, Jazz and Tap for sundry studios in NY state and for the Florida Flagler County Schools. She has also tremendously enjoyed instructing in swimming, skiing, diving, and various fine and performing arts for a variety of organizations.

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Alexis Martin

Alexis Martin ERYT-500, is an enthusiastic truth-seeker that enjoys dark chocolate and globe-trotting. This Florida native is a human kinetic artist with a passion to open minds, warm hearts, and diminish fear. She believes in healing via a splash of sweat, belly-aching laughter, and the power of a story to change a life. When practicing yoga in her signature playful style, expect a dharma evocation intertwined with practical anatomy. Storytelling and sharing life experiences set a platform from which Alexis opens her heart & you truly meet the warm transparent spirit that lies within. She also loves to intertwine messages from ancient yoga texts and insight from her own teachers that support living a nourishing and satisfying life. When she’s not holding space for the enlightenment of bodies and minds somewhere, she is usually avoiding housecleaning by getting an exercise-induced endorphin fix on the mat, lounging at the beach with an umbrella decorated drink, or stealing kisses from her husband and daughter.
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Jessica Regan

Jessica a native of the Philippines has had a lifelong passion for exercise, dance and physical fitness. She was introduced to yoga over four years ago and it has been a daily presence in her life. It was whiletaking a yoga workshop that she realized yoga was more than a set of physical exercises but wasinvigorating to not only the body but the mind and soul as well. Jessica practices a quiet kindness that's been ingrained from her loving family especially her mother the irrepressible Corky Rivera. Jessicacompleted her Baron Baptiste Level 1 Training in Oct 2010 and recently completed her RYT-200 Yoga Alliance Teacher Certification in Power Vinyasa with Baptiste Master Teacher Trainer, Mark White of Mbody Yoga Studio at Jacksonville. Jessica graduated with a B.A. in Accounting from Marymount University. Jessica is an avid tennis player, devoted wife and loving mother to her son, T.C.
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Carolyn Corbett

Transitioning through life, uncoordinated and non-athletic, Carolyn began practicing yoga in 2006. Over the years, yoga has become a passion she has incorporated into her family life with husband Jack and daughter Kate. Carolyn wants to share her enthusiasm for yoga with others because she knows it to be a physical and spiritual practice that allows one to focus on welcoming things into their life and accomplishing them. Carolyn became a nationally certified instructor earning her RYT-200 in 2012 at Blue Moon Yoga and Fitness under the guidance of Karen Cutrona. In addition to teaching yoga, Carolyn has earned a Master of Science from the University of Missouri-Columbia, a Bachelor of Science from Michigan State University and is currently the Vice President of the consumer insights and sensory research department at CSS/data intelligence, a market research and consumer insights company in Ormond Beach.
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Erin Taylor

Erin brings a lot of great energy and her vibrant personality to her teaching. In the midst of her busy life as a landscape designer, honey harvester, artist; to name a few, yoga became her sanctuary, and as time went on, her practice became an integral part of her existence. She trained to become a nationally certified instructor with Karen Cutrona and received her RYT-200 in Core Power Yoga at Blue Moon.
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Kim Davies

Kim brings an exciting dynamic to the yoga community. As a Registered nurse, Kim has devoted the past 18 years of her life promoting a healthy lifestyle for herself, family, friends, students and patients. Yoga is a natural extension of helping her students make relevant empowering choices on their path to self-improvement and self-confidence. Her classes are daring, challenging, playful and are coupled with self-reflection and meditation to provide an infectious and inspiring experience. Kim originally began her practice of yoga as another avenue to stay fit and spiritually connected to God. Yoga provided much more than an exercise experience. "Yoga has given me richness in spirit and confidence of my true self. After many years of all-or-none training, yoga has provided a better balance in all areas of my life. It is a safe environment to learn moderation, experience gratitude, acceptance, and have more fun than I ever thought possible." Kim is an Associate Baptiste Yoga Teacher. After training with Baron for more than 240 hours, she leads workshops, boot camps, 40 Days to Personal Revolution and is excited to offer a Goddess Boot Camp as well. "Baron has provided me the tools to share my authentic self with the world. I am grateful each day for the teaching of my family and their support to follow my dreams." Her credentials also include tutelage under many nationally and internationally known yoga gurus including: Amrit Desai, Mark White, Sean Corne, Gurmukh and Brian Kest.
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Jill Picciano

After practicing yoga for several years and discovering the powerful effects regular practice can have on life, Jill decided to come to the other side of her mat and become a nationally certified instructor under Karen Cutrona and receiver= her RYT-200 in Core Power Yoga at Blue Moon. With her fun loving and energetic personality, she brings forth in her teaching a passion for life and wants to share her enthusiasm for yoga with other.